Happy staff mean happy customers, love each transaction


Imagine a new retail staff on his or her first day of work struggling to figure out the complicated POS system, now are they likely to present their best face to the customer? Great systems make people feel great!

That’s why our Retail POS was designed with simplicity in mind. Colored squares with text don’t mean anything to most people so we didn’t design our POS that way. Instead we use plenty of intuitive icons and full color pictures. That way your staff can master your POS in 10 minutes or less, leaving them to do the most important thing, which is to sell!


The job of any retail business is to sell. Sometimes customers may want to purchase display items or other items which just haven’t had the time to be entered into inventory yet. Not to worry because our Retail POS was designed by actual users who have catered for these situations.

The Safari Retail POS comes with a powerful “Custom Price” module which allows a POS to revert back to a traditional cash register, allowing you and your staff to key in items on the fly without affecting inventory and never missing an opportunity to sell.


You’ve seen it before, staff start closing up the store 15 minutes before closing time and when a customer steps in through the half-closed shutters the staff say they can’t process another sale because the POS system has been shut down. Sound familiar?

Not anymore. With the Safari Retail POS, every shift cycle lasts for the entire calendar day. This means that even if your store hours are only from 10.00 am to 10.00 pm, you can still open and close shifts throughout the day as many times as you like because these shifts are still recorded as part of the same work cycle. Unlike other POS systems which will put the re-opened sale to the next day, the Safari Retail POS will record it accurately for the current calendar day. This is not just good news for audit purposes, it also means that staff will be more motivated to take those last minute sales, even if the POS has been shut down, meaning no more lost sales!


Stock and inventory costs are constantly changing but the prices on your shelves can’t be constantly changing, so what can you do? Using a powerful algorithm, the Safari Retail POS automatically calculates the prices of stocks based on stock-in timing, expiry date and other factors to automatically display “AVERAGE COST” for every stock-keeping unit. This means that you and your staff will be able to price or discount items accurately for every transaction.

Sometimes customers want to purchase products right out of their packing crates. In traditional POS systems, the products haven’t been updated in the POS so the sale is lost. With our Retail POS you can quickly type in the SKU number or even better use a barcode scanner and process the sale instantly whilst maintaining the correct stock number. Price right and sell more, every time.

Sales Module
  • Generate sales invoice / receipt
  • Hold & Recall uncompleted transactions
  • Void & Refund transacted receipts
  • Manage discounts for transactions
  • Multiple payment modes
  • Live receipt view
  • Dynamic categories-item grouping
  • Non-inventory service categories
  • Custom price override
Customer Module
  • Customer profile management
  • Past customer transaction/service history
  • Customer – Member quick transition
  • Membership scheme
  • Credit account scheme
  • Email / SMS notification to customers
Inventory Module
  • Stock take
  • Stock transfer
  • Stock balance
  • Item remarks / recommendations
  • Barcode label printing
  • Quick barcode check-in
  • Low Inventory Alert
  • Stock In batch tracking
  • Stock In cost averaging
Reports Module
  • Sales reports
  • Transaction reports
  • Itemised sales reports
  • Operation cycle reports
  • Shift reports
  • Inventory reports
  • Customer list reports