Care for your business the way you care for clothes


Still scratching your head on how to launder a garment like this gown? We’ve owned and run our own laundry shops before and we know just how painful it can be to give up lucrative and complicated cleaning jobs like this gown, which is why when we designed our Laundry POS, we made sure that we’d never again lose a job like this one.

With our very own custom price field, you can create a custom job like this one instantly. Just one touch and you can create a brand new custom price for complicated garments such as the one you see here on the left.

Plus, because our Laundry POS will store the job data, as you take on more and more complicated jobs, your POS actually gains valuable insight and experience into how to handle these complex but high-paying cleaning jobs, which takes away the guesswork for your staff.


Are you still using a laundry pen and paper to tag your laundry items? Seriously? We’ve tested and certified dozens of laundry tag printers so you won’t experience tags which fall off, wear out, fade away or just simply go missing.

Did you know that laundry tag printers actually cost less and are more environmentally friendly than laundry pens and paper tags? With our Laundry POS, the data from the receipt gets captured into the laundry tag so you can avoid costly mix-ups, mistakes and missing laundry items. Never lose a laundry item again.


This jacket may look simple, but in fact it has 6 different parts which require 6 different processes for laundering! How would you keep track of a garment like this? Traditionally the labelling system would be to assign 6 different laundry tags to the jacket, but in a huge laundry factory, how would you keep track of 6 different tags?

Our Laundry POS has a simple but elegant solution. By electronically and automatically assigning unique letter and number tags in a barcode, your 6-piece jacket will be separated and brought back together again for delivery at the correct location, the correct time and the correct price. Now that’s a Laundry POS technology worth looking at.


Customers sometimes care more about how fast they can get their garments back and  sometimes they care about how much it will cost for express services and sometimes their concerns are somewhere between the two. No problem!

Regardless of the combination, our Laundry POS Live Delivery Predictor can in a single touch give customers the cost as well as the date when their garments will be delivered. This ensures that your laundry business maximises its profits each time every time because you make sure that your customers pay as much as they are willing to pay and get their laundry items as fast or as slowly as they are willing to bear.

Sales Module
  • Generate sales invoice / receipt
  • Hold & Recall uncompleted transactions
  • Void & Refund transacted receipts
  • Manage discounts for transactions
  • Multiple payment modes
  • Live receipt view
  • Dynamic categories-item grouping
  • Non-inventory service categories
  • Handle basic pricing for various laundry types (e.g. Wet/Dry/Press)
  • Selectable item price-modifier options
  • Configurable express service options
  • Record damages on acceptance
  • Add item description (Brand & Quick Color picker)
  • Custom price override
  • Auto calculation of collection dates
Customer Module
  • Customer profile management
  • Past customer transaction/service history
  • Customer – Member quick transition
  • Membership scheme
  • Credit account scheme
  • Email / SMS notification to customers
  • Add Proxy / Representative profile for collection
Inventory Module
  • Stock take
  • Stock transfer
  • Stock balance
  • Item remarks / recommendations
  • Barcode label printing
  • Quick barcode check-in
  • Low Inventory Alert
  • Stock In batch tracking
  • Stock In cost averaging
Reports Module
  • Sales reports
  • Transaction reports
  • Itemised sales reports
  • Operation cycle reports
  • Shift reports
  • Inventory reports
  • Customer list reports
Laundry Flow Module
  • Customer’s Laundry status tracking
  • Clock-in driver arrival time
  • Generate individual item laundry wash tag
  • Generate factory submission list
  • Customer collection module
  • Quick check-in factory delivery
  • Automated Laundry tag labelling logic